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Alderley Consulting Limited (A.C.L.) are a forward looking Supply Chain Consultants, who are aware of the effective methods needed for successful cost reductions. Based in the UK in Cheshire, it has a proven track record as supply chain consultants, who are in the forefront of modern methods.

The approach of A.C.L. is to conduct an audit so that the current practices and costs can be benchmarked. As a result of this, a proposed set of strategies are suggested to maximise the profit and minimise costs. The audit and strategies together with a suggested implementation plan, which is time and cost savings specific, form the basis of the client report. This latter step is where A.C.L. feel most Supply Chain Consultants’ reports lack impact, or at the very least, do not attach sufficient attention to this vital aspect of achieving savings. Whilst based in the UK in Cheshire, their clients emanate from all over the UK and Europe.

This Supply Chain Consultants offer a modular approach such that a client can request only the relevant elements of the services they require. The company might only want an audit and then deal with any problems themselves, but on the other hand, they might desire a more hands on approach until the completion of the project. The potential client can normally assess their needs after an initial cost free discussion and review.

Whilst based in the UK in Cheshire, the transport and communication’s availability in the area means that the Supply Chain Consultants of A.C.L. can be in touch in a very short time should you wish us to discuss how to potentially reduce your costs by 15 to 25%.

The normal modules that this Supply Chain Consultants offer are:

• Initial Discussion
• Mapping Out of Project
• Audit
• Discussion of Potential Report
• Potential Strategy
• Functional
• Raw Material, Goods and Services
• Cost Reduction Potential – Identification
• Implementation Timetable
• Measuring and Review

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Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

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