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1. The Process

The establishment of GOALS

The preparation of STRATEGIES

The agreement on TIMING

The CONDUCT of the meeting

The DISSEMINATION of information

2. Research and Planning

The necessary background in the area of:

- Information -

- Timing -

- Tactics -

- Fallback ideas -

3. Psychology and Behaviour

The agreement on:

- Team Composition -

- Ploys and Stratagems -

- Body Language -

- Sales Techniques -

- What good negotiators do -
(and don't do)

4. Conclusion

How to ensure:

- Clinching the deal -

- The Contract -

- Performance Measurement -

- Performance Reporting -


Alderley Consulting Group can support clients
in all aspects of the negotiation process
from coaching and staff training to
carrying out the entire negotiation.


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